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Getting to a Brighter Future: Stanton DeFreitas

April 20, 2018

Basically, Stanton DeFreitas wants to teach people a better way. That is why he wants to become a writer. He believes strongly that writing will enable him to speak to people about many issues he believes are most important to society as a whole. he also feels strongly that his writing has the potential to bridge the cultural gaps so many experience. Among the subjects he wishes to write about include current events, travel and sports, all at an international level, but he also wants to cover personal health and wellness, which most cultures care about.

Stanton DeFreitas works based on his fervent belief that his exposure to many different cultures was and is a strength. He knows his ability to see things from a number of perspectives played a role in his business career. He knows his ability to bridge cultural differences has fascinated his ability to navigate the world and get different people to see things in much the same way. Stanton DeFreitas has a desire to share the knowledge he has gained from his experiences in the world in a way that makes the world work better.